Terms & Conditions




Your Ticketek ticket has certain conditions of sale printed on its reverse side.  Those conditions are valid for the 2020 ASB Classic event at the ASB Tennis Arena.  All tickets must be scanned on entry and exit. The following conditions also apply to the sale and purchase of your ticket:

Your ticket is valid only for the date and session of play for which the ticket has been issued, not for any particular match.

Play may be cancelled or rescheduled due to weather or circumstances beyond the tournament organiser’s control.  Such actions do not allow for the ticket to carryover to the following session or entitle a ticket holder to make any claim for refund of the ticket price except as outlined below:

A refund of 100% of the ticket price (including any booking fee) will be given if there is less than one hours play on the date and session your ticket is valid according to the official time sheet of the Tournament Referee. Complimentary tickets do not qualify for the refund policy. 

Refunds will be made automatically after the completion of the event and will be returned to the valid credit card or payment method used at time of the original purchase by the original ticket purchaser.    Refunds will not be issued to any individual who is not the original ticket purchaser. Note: if the credit card is no longer valid, a Ticketek representative will contact you to arrange an alternative payment method for refund. This may delay your refund timeframe.

For tickets purchased at the venue box office or from a Ticketek outlet please email Ticketek and include your transaction number, the point of purchase, your contact details and your bank account for payment of refund.  Email to - online@ticketek.co.nz  - with the subject line: ASB Classic Tennis Refund.   For assistance please phone 0800 842 538

No refunds will be made over the counter at the ASB Tennis Arena or Ticketek outlet. 

Automatic refunds will be processed within 10 business days of the completion of the event.  Please allow 28 days from the date your refund request email has been received by Ticketek for manual refunds to be credited.  Please check your credit card statement to confirm you have received your refund.

Tickets are valid only for the date and session for which the ticket has been issued and not any particular match. The players shown in advertising are for illustrative purposes only. Qualification and participation subject to WTA and ATP rules. Players may withdraw due to injury, illness or other grounds. Tickets will not be refunded due to the withdrawal of any player. 

Transmitting match-related data

The ticket holder may not: (a) continually collect, disseminate, transmit, publish or release from the grounds of the Tournament any match scores or related statistical data during match play (from the commencement of a match through its conclusion) for any commercial, betting or gambling pur­pose; and (b) film, photograph, broadcast, stream, publish, transmit and/or otherwise offer to the public (or assist any third party in offering to the public), on a live or on a delayed basis, in whole or in part, and whether on a free basis or subject to payment, any sound recording, photograph, video footage, motion picture, film and/or other audio-visual content captured by any means whatsoever inside the Tournament site (except as is allowed in the Tournament Accreditation Policy)); (ii) a web address where the Tournament Accreditation Policy can be found; and (iii) a notice that the continual use of laptop computers or other handheld electronic devices within the spectator area of the Tournament match courts shall be prohibited.

No alcohol and food policy

In line with other major New Zealand sporting venues and events, patrons are not permitted to bring alcohol, glassware, cans, opened drink containers, sealed non-alcoholic drink containers over one litre, or food of any kind into the ASB Tennis Arena. 
Bags will be searched on entry to the venue.  Food and alcohol are on sale at the arena.   For full information regarding the venue and what is permitted onsite, see the tournament website: www.asbclassic.co.nz

Smokefree policy

All areas of the ASB Tennis Arena and associated areas for the ASB Classic are smokefree. There are designated areas for smoking outside of Gate 1.