Help us bring the tennis to life!

2018 Volunteer Team

We need friendly & enthusiastic people to fill the following roles; so register HERE and be part of the 2019 ASB Classic action!!
Volunteer Positions Descriptions are subject to change for the 2019 tournaments.
  • Court Services: deliver on-court supplies and service by preparing match and practice courts with towels, water, drinks and umbrellas.  View detailed Court Services Position Description.
  • Concierge: first point of contact for corporate guests as they enter the ASB Tennis Arena, providing general assistance to suits and premium areas at the venue. View detailed Concierge Position Description.
  • Spectator Services: first point of contact for the public as they enter the ASB Tennis Arena, providing general assistance throughout the venue and guiding patrons to their seats. View detailed Spectator Services Position Description.
  • Drivers: responsible for providing transport services as a courtesy car driver to transport players, coaches and official guests of the tournaments. View detailed Drivers Position Description.
  • Practice Desks: responsible for assisting the players and officials with practice courts and transport bookings. View detailed Practice Desk Position Description.
  • Tournament Runners/Activity Volunteers: providing general assistance to all tournament departments with supplies to offices, volunteers and officials, assisting with tennis-based activities, and providing assistance to patrons with special needs as required. Includes delivery of stocks to player changing rooms, player services, and Corporate area's. View detailed Runners Position Description
  • Accreditation Assistant:  Responsible for providing administrative support and assistance with the production and distribution of tournament Accreditation. View detailed Accreditation Position Description.
  • Ball Kids: Should you wish to put your name on the waitlist for the 2018 tournament, email volunteers@tennisauckland.co.nz.