Latest 1 Jan 2014

Hampton Hungry for court time

Hampton Hungry for court time

How was your first match this week, against Tamira Paszek?

It was the first match of the season; Tamira and I are both coming off injuries, it was windy conditions – so overall the conditions were really tough. I’m happy that I pulled through in the end, and got the ‘W’, but I’m hoping to improve next round. 


How did you feel going into it?

I was really nervous – I hadn’t played a match since the US Open.


How long do you think it will take you to get back to 100%, after your injury?

I’m not sure – I’m trying to get as many matches in as possible, as many points. That’s the key when you’re going into competitions – feeling the pressure. It’ll take a little while but I’m looking for as much match play as possible.


How much preparation did you have once your injury healed, before coming to Auckland?

My previous off-season was a lot different; I was able to work on my strength, my conditioning and my cardio. But this year, it was tough – I was trying to get back on the court, back playing again. A lot of my conditioning had to come from tennis; it was a different type of off-season.


What are your expectations for this tournament?

I have high expectations whenever I enter a tournament. I expect to do well, I think that I can do well. I like being, I love playing here – so I’d love to go deep in this tournament.


What impact do you think your compatriot Venus Williams, has had on women’s tennis in America?

She’s done an incredible amount for women’s tennis in America and for women’s tennis in general. 

I’ve been on the same Fed Cup team as Venus and Serena, they are great role models.