Latest 3 Jan 2013

Sydney superwoman enjoys our laid back style

Sydney superwoman enjoys our laid back style

Robinson is volunteering at the ASB Classic as part of an exchange programme between Auckland Tennis and Tennis Australia.

“It’s the one game that I can’t get competitive in so it’s nice to be able to sit back and watch it and enjoy the sport instead of trying to get involved in it. So it’s sort of an out.”

She is a former Australian cross country mountain biker who now competes in surf life saving having recently won bronze and silver at the world championships.

Robinson started volunteering at the tennis when she retired from cycling because it was a way to give back to the community and relax away from the sports she competed in.

After three years of volunteering at the APIA Sydney International she was delighted to be given the opportunity to come to the ASB Classic.

“It’s quite different, it’s a lot smaller. Everybody is more laid back and everyone seems happy which is great. The players seem a lot less stressed than at the bigger tournaments which is good.”

Because Robinson is an experienced athlete herself, she knows what areas to focus on when she works in player services at the Sydney tournament.

“We make sure the players are happy, invite them in in the mornings and ask how their night was. Some of them can be very competitive and they can snap quite easily so we just want to keep them calm for when they get on the court, and we need them to come back.”

As a busy volunteer the only time she ever gets to sit down and watch live tennis is when she makes her annual visit to the first week of the Australian Open. This sports nut loves all things tennis and will continue to volunteer for many years to come.

Tennis Auckland volunteers Warwick Leathart and Mary Mouton will be heading to next week’s Sydney tournament to learn from their counterparts there.