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Venus Williams post-match Press Conference

Venus Williams post-match Press Conference

Following her second round match against Yvonne Meusburger, we caught up with Venus Williams to see how she was feeling, heading into the Quarterfinals.

1/ What were your thoughts on your second round match against Meusburger?

Today was a lot about my wins and errors. I made some spectacular wins and some spectacular errors, but in my head I just wanted to keep playing aggressively because that’s my game and I know that as long I keep doing that, they’ll start landing. You have to be patient and positive and that’s what my outlook on the match. 

2/ Is it disappointing when it takes three sets to win?

Nobody wants to go to three sets.  In tennis, the plan is two. So it wasn’t ideal, but if you lose the first set you think, “ok, three”. And that’s the next mindset.

3/ You’ve said earlier in the week that you wanted match practice, so it’s gonna be a benefit playing three sets?

Yes in a way, but at this point it’s the quarterfinals, I’m playing everyday so it’s better to go to two sets so I can have more energyfor the next matches. So I will try to make it two! I am sure my opponent will be thinking the same thing tomorrow night so I’ve gotto force my will a bit better.

4/ How are your energy levels at the moment?

I’m doing pretty good. Getting a lot of rest at night, which helps.

5/ You played Garbine Muguruza in Brazil? What do you remember about that match?

She’s definitely a talented player. She can do a lot of things in the court. She has spins, flatballs, and she can crank her serve up as well. So obviously I would like to play a cleaner match than I did in Brazil. I think I had a few errors there. Different day, different surface, different year. You never can tell. 

6/ How do you maintain your aggressiveness when you start to make a few errors?

It’s not easy. But if I stop being aggressive and start playing her game, that’s when I’m really in trouble. So it’s better for me to getit out of my system.

7/ When you won the second set, did you feel you had the match?

Well I had the experience of the first set, playing tough points, I had this on my side. I was determined to be more disciplined. I changed my mind set – I decided my shots were going to land.

8/ Everyone is watching your attempt to get back the top, what do you think is realistic?

I never set limits on myself, or anyone for that matter. I think the most surprising thing I have learned in life is that you can accomplish a lot more than what you think you can, if you allow yourself to do it. If you’re not afraid and don’t hold yourself back. With effort, you can achieve so much. That’s one of the biggest thing I learned in my career.